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IGH Impact Interview:
Empowering Green Hydrogen: Catalyzing Changes

IRENA, with nearly 170 member countries, leads the charge in the green hydrogen revolution. Annual interactions with member country Energy Ministers and industry stakeholders provide IRENA with invaluable insights, shaping its foresight for informed policy decisions and industry investments. Projections indicate green hydrogen's pivotal role, comprising 14% of global energy consumption by 2050. Notably, 75% of investments in renewable energy and green hydrogen originate from the private sector, signifying a significant shift. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Gauri Singh, Deputy Director General of IRENA, discusses the agency's support for sustainable green hydrogen technology and highlights significant projects and partnerships within the sector.

Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discussed...

  • IRENA's stance on green hydrogen in the global energy transition

  • Strategies for international support in green hydrogen technology

  • Advancing green hydrogen adoption and market maturity

  • The pivotal factor in accelerating climate change efforts

Gauri Singh

Deputy Director-General

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

75% of the investments that’s going into renewable energy and green hydrogen originate from private sector, a drastic shift from the tradition thermal generation model concerning project ownership. The industry is eagerly poised to witness the emergence of favorable policies that will enable them to commence their investment endeavors. At IRENA, it’s not solely about making projections, it’s about working with the right stakeholders to make sure that happen happens at the policy level, the regulation level, the standard and certification level, but also putting out the voice of the industry.


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