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Sustainable Port Interview:
Charting a Voyage to Clean Energy 
Shaping the World Beyond

[Sustainable Port Interview] Charting a Voyage to Clean Energy Shaping the World Beyond

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges holds a prominent position as a maritime and chemical hub in Belgium, known for its strategic location and abundant infrastructure. In addition to being one of Europe's largest ports and biggest chemical cluster, the Port of Antwerp has also emerged as a significant player in the expanding hydrogen industry, actively promoting hydrogen-related projects to expedite the transition towards cleaner energy sources. Through extensive partnerships and collaborations, the port has become a leading hub within the hydrogen ecosystem, attracting global businesses and millions of investment.

Tom Hautekiet (°1970) graduated as a Master Industrial Engineer – option Construction at the KIHO in Ghent (Belgium). As from the 1st of October 2020, he took up the role of CEO at the Port of Zeebrugge. After the merger with the Port of Antwerp (April 2022), he was appointed as Chief Commercial Officer. Tom is a very strong, down to earth team leader. He also transfers this positive quality to his whole team. Not only because of his strategic thinking and operational experience, but also because of his passion and impressive track record in highly internationalized environments, he is considered a brilliant expert in his field.

Meet the Interviewee:

Tom Hautekiet

Chief Commercial Officer

Port of Antwerp-Bruges



Molly Huang

Head of Content & Corporate Responsibility

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