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Hitting the $320 Billion Hydrogen Market: Strategies for Boosting Offtake and Attracting Buyers

[Impact Webinar] Hitting the $320 Billion Hydrogen Market: Strategies for Boosting Offtake and Attracting Buyers

Date & Time: 13:30-16:30PM UK Time, March 21 Thursday

Format: Online Conference


In the thriving global hydrogen sector, a portfolio of over 1,000 projects is driving a substantial £320 billion in investments. Despite this remarkable growth, projects successfully progressing to the critical Final Investment Decision (FID) stage represent roughly 11% of the total. The evident gap between project announcements and actual implementation poses challenges for industry advancement, yet it also presents an opportunity for collective collaboration and knowledge-sharing to transform ambitious plans into tangible and achievable outcomes.

In this webinar, we enlighten industry professionals with the 2024 hydrogen market trends followed by star developments worth watching, such as the German/EU auction, the US H2Hubs, international standards and certification, etc.

Who Should Attend:

Industry Leaders: Executives and decision-makers from hydrogen production and utilization industries, including those involved in project development, investment, and strategic planning.

Government Representatives: Officials and policymakers from governmental bodies overseeing energy, environment, and industry, who play a crucial role in shaping policies and regulations in the hydrogen sector.

Investors and Financiers: Individuals and institutions with an interest in investing in hydrogen projects, understanding market trends, and exploring financial opportunities within the hydrogen sector.

Researchers and Technologists: Scientists, engineers, and researchers involved in developing innovative technologies and solutions for hydrogen production, storage, and utilization.

Draft March 21 Agenda: (London Time)

Shaping Policy Instruments
13:30-13:50 | Global Hydrogen Trends: Status and Outlook for Supply and Demand of Low-emissions Hydrogen

Jose M Bermudez, Energy Technology Analyst, Hydrogen Lead, International Energy Agency

13:50-14:10 | Supporting a Successful UK’s Hydrogen Business Model: Role of Low Carbon Contracts
Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, UK Government (Reserved)

14:10-14:30 | H2Global as a Global Instrument for Market Stimulation –Kick-starting Billion-dollar-scale Projects
Timo Bollerhey, CEO and Managing Director, | H2 Global Advisory

14:30-14:50 | Delivering the European Green Deal: the European Hydrogen Bank Pilot Auction
European Commission (Reserved)

Igniting Commercial Confidence
14:50-15:10 | [Keynote] Pricing Ammonia: The First Mover to Secure Offtake Contracts

Joel Moser, Chief Executive Officer, First Ammonia

15:10-15:30 | [Keynote] Scaling Financing for Hydrogen Development in Emerging and Developing Markets
Carolina Lopez Rocha, Lead author, "Scaling Hydrogen Financing for Development", Energy Regulatory Specialist, The World Bank

15:30-16:20 | [Commercialization Dialogue]: Exploring Strategies and Solutions for Hydrogen Offtakes across Industries
Naveen Ahlawat, Chief Procurement Officer & Head- Power to X, Vulcan Green Steel

Insights Brought to You by:

Timo Bollerhey

CEO and Managing Director | H2 Global Advisory

Naveen Ahlawat

Chief Procurement Officer & Head- Power to X

Vulcan Green Steel

Jose M Bermudez

Energy Technology Analyst, Hydrogen Lead

International Energy Agency

Joel Moser

Chief Executive Officer

First Ammonia

Ashwani Dudeja

President and Director (Hydrogen and Ammonia)

ACME Group 

Carolina Lopez Rocha

Lead author, "Scaling Hydrogen Financing for Development"

The World Bank

More speakers to be updated...


Molly Huang

Head of Content & Corporate Responsibility

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