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IGH Impact Interview:
Think Hydrogen, Think Scotland

Scotland is swiftly positioning itself as a global hydrogen leader, securing £7 million in government funding for 32 innovative projects, encompassing hydrogen production, green hydrogen hubs, and tidal energy solutions, as part of a broader £100 million commitment to the green hydrogen sector. The Scottish Government aims for 5 GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030, primarily leveraging offshore and onshore wind energy. The plan includes the creation of regional hydrogen hubs and emphasizes research, innovation, and international partnerships to enhance Scotland's global competitive edge. By 2045, Scotland could annually produce 3.3 million tons of renewable hydrogen, with 2.5 million tons for export, bolstering job prospects. In an exclusive interview, Gillian Martin, Minister of Energy for the Scottish Government, discusses Scotland's achievements and its role as a leading hydrogen nation.

Gillian Martin MSP

Minister for Energy and the Environment

The Scottish Government

I want to focus on what Scotland can do now in energy transition and not waiting on things to happen politically elsewhere. It’s priority for the Scottish government to do what we can do in hydrogen and to turn these targets into opportunities for the Scottish industry. We need to reflect that as much as possible.  


Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discussed...

  • Scotland's Green Hydrogen Achievements and Plans

  • Strategies for Future Growth and Innovation

  • International Collaborations in Green Hydrogen.

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