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The Ultimate Power Source - Hydrogen Energy

According to statistics from the Hydrogen Council, as of June 2021, a total of 359 large-scale projects in the hydrogen industry chain have been announced globally. The total investment into projects and along the whole value chain amounts to an estimated $500 billion through 2030. The World Energy Council predicts that by 2050, hydrogen energy will account for up to 25% of global final energy consumption. Judging from the development status of countries, it can be seen that the importance of developing hydrogen energy in various countries is continuously increasing.

This report first explains why many countries around the world take the development of hydrogen energy as a national strategy from three aspects: political environment, energy security, and economic transformation. Then, the report describes the roles of governments, large oil and gas companies, and investment companies in the hydrogen energy market. This paper then introduces hydrogen energy projects around the world intending to reduce carbon emissions, followed by highlights of Singapore in the global hydrogen energy value chain. Finally, the article summarizes some thoughts on the future of hydrogen energy from an investment viewpoint.

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