Impact Webinar:
Decarbonizing Ports & Maritime with Hydrogen and Ammonia

[Impact Webinar] Decarbonizing Ports & Maritime with Hydrogen and Ammonia

Date & Time: 15:30 – 16:40 GMT+8, June 16 Thursday

Format: Digital Conference


Ports and coastal industrial clusters are seen by experts as a cornerstone for the adoption of hydrogen energy – acting both as a necessary backbone infrastructure for cross-border transport and trade, and a key application site for low carbon-hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels. Despite the critical role, however, ports are not yet adequately prepared for such a change, especially concerning a lack of clarity in the transformation paths and regulatory supports.

This webinar focuses on examining the current port readiness in APAC and its short- and medium-term opportunities for port authorities, the maritime sector, and other related coastal industries. Meanwhile, lessons learned from Europe will also be studied and discussed.

Key Touch Points:

  • Core competencies of ports in the global hydrogen & ammonia supply chain

  • Possibilities of hydrogen & ammonia demands in port areas: port operation, marine and coastal industries

  • Review of short-term opportunities and barriers in ports activities

  • Structuring an APAC hydrogen port coalition – Is it possible and what are key considerations?

  • Regional investment – Get funding and investment for port upgrades

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