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IGH Impact Interview:
Powering Tomorrow: NEOM Green Hydrogen Company Revolution Unveiled

NEOM Green Hydrogen, a leader in sustainable energy in Saudi Arabia's NEOM region, is poised for groundbreaking advancements. Collaborating with ACWA Power, and Air Products and NEOM, the company plans to operate a mega-plant, the company plans to operate a mega-plant with 4 GW of solar and wind energy, producing 600 tonnes of daily carbon-free hydrogen by 2026. CEO David Edmondson, in this illuminating Impact interview, discusses strategic goals, investment decisions, and industry insights. Edmondson highlights the transformative potential of the project and its global impact, emphasizing technology partnerships, long-term offtake agreements, and meeting the surging

Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discussed...

  • NEOM’s Strategic Goals and Vision

  • Key Approaches to Reaching Final Investment Decisions

  • Lessons for the Industry

David Edmondson


NEOM Green Hydrogen Company

I believe the ability for companies to invest is immense. The demand is there. We have to see companies such as NEOM Green Hydrogen and our shareholders to continue to invest to enable green hydrogen products to reach the market, and to address this climate crisis that we are going through right now. 


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